The Book

How do you get a healthy body? You give your body two treatments: healthy diet, and, healthy exercise. But for healthy happiness, you only need one treatment: healthy exercise.

In The Happiness Animal, you will be introduced to the five muscles that can be exercised to make your Happiness Animal stronger. The muscles are: 1)Tolerance 2)Kindness 3)Honesty 4)Awareness and 5)Courage.

Why Animal? The word Animal is derived from the Latin 'Anima' meaning spirit. How we exercise our spirit determines the strength of our happiness.  The Happiness Animal's 25 exercises  are a work-out for the reader's spirit, with exercises for each of the five muscles of the Happiness Animal.  A fictional 'Animal's Anecdote' complements the theme of each chapter, while the latest evidence from science and psychology is used to bust the happiness myths, and provides the reader with a tool kit to avoid the common happiness traps. 

Exercise Happy

What if you could exercise your happiness like you exercised your body? Your Happiness Animal, from Latin 'anima' meaning spirit, has 5 muscles. Exercise.