Word Wise

“Word Wise” is my new book about word trash, word power, and the making or breaking of connections, available here, now. Here's a snippet from the back cover:

An eye-opening guide on how we talk and write to one another, Word Wise explores 400+ of the most common cases of word trash (filler words, hyperbole, and abstractions) and word power (verbs of action, ear candy, onomatopoeia). Examining social media, the language of Donald Trump, AI language research, and heard-on-the-street lingo, communication expert Will Jelbert offers simple and concrete recommendations for improving your own vernacular.

With wit, practical applications, and a small dose of grammar, Word Wise will help you communicate more effectively at home, at work, and online.

Beginning 2020, I now offer talks and personal training exclusively on language and connection, based on the material from my new book, "Word Wise". Published by Running Press (Hachette) 10.20.20.

Contact w@happinessanimal.com to find out more about eliminating word trash at home, at work, and online, and connecting with word power.


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To book me as a speaker, communications coach, OR, for publishing (including international rights) and representation inquires, send me an email: w@happinessanimal.com

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