Book now available on Amazon! Get The Happiness Animal today

I published The Happiness Animal yesterday, and it's now available on and

To mark the launch we released the first printed copy of the Happiness Animal into the sky attached to the giant dolphin (kindness animal). It was launched at 1pm from downtown Denver by Jaden (the little fellow with the scissors in this video). At the time it the dolphin and book were headed due south towards New Mexico and Mexico. I left a message inside the book's cover asking the finder to notify us of their location on this page. Until then keep guessing where they are going to land! Leave your comment.

The dolphin and book also have a light beacon on board to make them easier to find in darkness. I've also asked the finder to take the balloons home.

In the meantime you can now buy The Happiness Animal on here 

OR if you are in the UK use the following link.

Happy reading....



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